Sofort Casino

There is now a good selection of online casinos for players, as well as a convenient payment method for financial transactions. One of the best payment methods available is Sofort. This brand was founded in Germany in 2005 as Sofort Banking, and in 2012 it became Sofort AG. Since then, Sofort has enjoyed remarkable success and has established partnerships with over 30,000 online retailers. Thanks to the influence of its investors, the brand has become one of the most recognized, and more and more online casinos have started to accept Sofort as a payment option. In 2014, the project was acquired by Klarna, and since 2017, this payment method has been officially integrated into the company's offer.

Creating an account

There are several ways to earn real money in 2024, and it’s worth taking advantage of them. To use the benefits of the payment system, you need to create an account. Go to the Sofort website, click on the “Register” button, and fill out the form with the following information:

  • Country, city, address;
  • First name, last name;
  • Postal code;
  • Email address, phone number.

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. Then, you can confirm the registration and log in to your account. This is the easiest process and runs smoothly without any hiccups. Once you have registered, you need to confirm your email address to gain unrestricted access to all features. After creating a profile, you are prompted to add it to the merchant back office. You can choose your preferred financial institutions to make deposits to your account at Sofort Casinos.

The process of depositing funds into a casino account is straightforward. To do so, you must:

  • Choose a gambling establishment, complete the registration process, and log in to the platform;
  • Click on the Financial Transactions section or your personal cabinet;
  • Choose to deposit in the casino using the Sofort payment method.

The system automatically directs the customer to the payment system’s website, where the user must first log in and then select a bank and the desired deposit amount. After confirming the transaction, the deposited funds will be credited to the account within a few seconds.

Banks supporting Sofort payments

ABN Amro

ASN Bank




SNS Bank

Triodos Bank

Top up your account

Using real money for gambling offers numerous advantages to avid players. However, several factors depend on your choice of online casino and payment method. In the first scenario, it is essential to find a reputable and reliable gaming platform that provides several opportunities for generating revenue. Regarding payment systems, it is recommended to rely only on those considered trustworthy and secure. Sofort is one of the top providers but serves only as a deposit option, which is not a significant disadvantage. As the instant withdrawal function is currently unavailable on the casino platform, alternative channels are available for withdrawals.

Contemporary online casinos offer a diverse selection of payment options that include a range of currencies for deposits. The option now exists to make deposits in both fiat and digital currencies, which is very convenient, particularly if the payment system allows for both deposits and withdrawals.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Many players value a fast payment process, recognizing that security is of paramount importance. By effectively using Sofort Klarna, individuals can increase their account balances and thus easily access high-quality slot machines in top online casinos. The table below shows a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Sofort and iDeal.

Payment SystemAdvantagesDisadvantages
SofortOptimal security and reliability.
High speed of financial transactions.
Wide selection of banks.
Easy registration and verification.
Currently, there is no option to make cash withdrawals.
It is necessary to have a proper bank account to use this service.
Not the highest limits.
iDealAll payments are secure.
A popular payment method.
Supported by many banking institutions.
Fast financial transactions.
Convenient mobile app.
Only available in selected countries.
There is no option to withdraw funds.
Relatively low limits.

Major online casinos will waive payment fees for transfers by 2024. However, the terms may be comparable to those of iDeal, although not necessarily available on all gaming platforms. You also have the option to use alternative payment methods for real money gambling enjoyment.

Alternative payment options

When choosing an online casino, it is advisable to consider the variety of payment methods available. A high number of options indicates that the company takes care of its customers’ needs comprehensively and provides a wide range of products and services. Current instant casinos offer players a wide range of reliable payment methods that can be considered the following best options:

American Express

It is possible to make a quick and fee-free deposit using an American Express card. The payment system is secure and reliable, and users are entitled to a variety of value-added services that are not related to gambling. American Express offers moderate limits, reliable transactions, and professional customer service.


One of the most popular payment methods in the world. Almost every online casino allows depositing funds via debit or credit card. Visa offers the highest restrictions, except for cryptocurrencies, which have no restrictions. The payment system has been successful in several countries for a long time.


Similar to Visa, this financial instrument is present in almost all countries worldwide. There are no transaction fees, and your account is topped up within a few seconds. You should expect a processing time of 3-7 days before receiving your payout, but this should not be a problem given the high limits and excellent security standards.

In addition to the payment systems mentioned above, Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller are also suitable options.


How long does it take to process immediate deposits?

Immediate deposits are processed within seconds/minutes on major gaming platforms. In case of certain technical issues, processing may take longer.

Is there a significant difference in performance between Sofort and iDeal?

Both payment systems are ideal for making deposits in online casinos. Withdrawals are not possible on the platforms of Sofort and iDeal.

What is the minimum amount that can be deposited with SOFORT?

The minimum amount depends on the specific online casino. Many online casinos have a minimum bet of €10, which can go up to €50. It is advisable to carefully study the rules of each casino to get a complete overview.

Is there a maximum limit for my deposit?

Each casino sets its own limits and restrictions. Larger platforms are likely to set the maximum amount at €50,000. Smaller platforms usually allow deposits of up to €10,000.

Is it safe to use Sofort as a payment method?

Sofort is considered to be an absolutely safe payment system. Especially since joining Klarna, algorithms and encryption methods have significantly improved.