Minimum Deposit Casino

We analyzed the atmosphere and compiled a list of casinos with a minimum deposit in 2023, during the first stages of cooperation with which you do not need a large investment. A deposit of €1 is sufficient. This will allow you to start playing without fear of big losses. In this review we will show you all the possibilities and provide you with a list of casinos with low deposit limits.

No minimum deposit

It can be challenging to find a trustworthy online casino that provides a satisfactory user experience. However, there are websites available that do not have a minimum deposit requirement, allowing players to deposit even a tiny amount, such as one cent, into their accounts. Of course, the selection of games that can be played with such a small deposit varies from site to site.

The primary goal of such online casinos is to attract a larger audience that does not want to spend a significant amount of money on gambling. Typically, slot machines are the most commonly available games that accept the minimum deposit.

1 euro

2 euro

5 euro

10 euro

20 euro

1 Euro

Reviews of many gambling establishments indicate that not all of them cater to budget users. However, it is quite common to find online casinos that support a minimum deposit of €1, allowing cautious players to try their luck. In most cases, these brands also offer bonuses to entice new players to wager more. For example, a 100% bonus on the first deposit can be attractive for most users. By depositing just €1, you end up with €2, giving you a better chance to test out the casino. Even inexperienced players often opt for these conditions, and casinos with negative reviews may not seem as daunting, since the potential loss is relatively low. Read more…

5 Euro

The most popular type of online casinos among players are those that have a 5€ minimum deposit requirement. With this amount, players can enjoy playing most slot machines without having to make a small bet. It is usually enough to check the casino’s honesty and choose their favorite games.

Losing this amount won’t break the bank, and many bonuses are offered for such a limit. These establishments are a good option for those who want to test out a casino and make a wise choice. You can find the best online casinos with a 5€ minimum deposit requirement from our carefully compiled list. Read more…

10 Euro

An online casino minimum deposit of 10€ is a great choice whether you are playing for fun or looking to win some money. These casinos are typically trustworthy and popular with real money players, and they offer a wide range of slot machines and table games to suit all levels of experience. These establishments often provide transparent policies, offer attractive bonuses to attract customers, and have a certain level of reputation. It is important to note that the bonus for the first deposit usually comes with a wagering requirement of x30-50, and the reward must be used within a specific time frame to avoid losing the bonus money. Read more…

20 Euro

These casinos are popular among high-stakes players, who opt for a minimum deposit of 20€ due to the wide range of safe and high-quality slot games that are not available in other financial categories. These casinos provide a high level of service, especially in customer support, with operators available 24/7 and quick response times. While bonuses may not be very large in these establishments, they often have more lenient requirements for loyalty programs. In summary, these casinos are highly reputable and popular among players seeking top-notch service and quality gaming options. Read more…

Payment Method

#Payment methodMinimum deposit
1iDeal Casino10€
2Trustly Сasino10€
3Klarna Сasino10€
4PayPal Сasino5€
5Skrill Сasino1€
6Paysafecard Сasino5€
7Bank Transfer Сasino10€
8Apple Pay Сasino5€
9Visa Сasino5€
10Mastercard Casino5€
11Maestro Casino10€
12Neteller Casino20€
13Rapid Casino5€
14Interac Casino15€
15IDebit Casino10€
16Ecopayz Casino5€

Make a deposit

To deposit real money into an online casino, you must first log in to your account to access your personal account. Make sure to check the minimum deposit requirements, which are usually listed in the cashier section of the website. After confirming the minimum deposit amount, follow these simple instructions:

  • Access the banking or cashier section.
  • Select the preferred payment option.
  • Input the amount of money you want to transfer.
  • Provide the required information for the payment account.
  • Confirm the payment.

If you enter an amount that is below the minimum limit set by the casino, the site will not allow you to proceed with the transaction. Additionally, please take note of any limitations specific to the chosen payment method, which are usually indicated alongside the transfer amount. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that for most financial instruments, there are no commission fees, and only a few require additional interest to be paid.

Winning Withdrawal

You can withdraw your winnings by using the same payment method that you used for depositing. In case you used an unsupported payment method like iDeal, you can contact the technical support to assist you in adding the necessary details to the list of withdrawal methods.

The minimum withdrawal amount is usually higher than the minimum deposit amount in most casinos. However, it is still a reasonable amount that is available to any player. To request a withdrawal, log in to your account, navigate to the withdrawal section and select the desired payment method. Enter the amount and confirm the request. The transfer process usually takes a short time to complete.


What is a minimum deposit casino?

These casinos provide an option for users who are hesitant to transfer large sums of money to start playing. By making a minimum deposit, users can test all the features of the site and play slots with penny stakes.

Can you increase your deposit amount at a casino with a low minimum deposit?

Customers at low deposit casinos have the flexibility to make either a minimum deposit or a larger deposit. This is often done after becoming familiar with the casino and verifying its credibility. It's worth noting that there is typically no significant limit on the maximum deposit amount.

What is the minimum casino deposit?

It varies depending on the casino's policies and reputation. While some online casinos have no minimum deposit requirements and accept even pennies, such sites are rare. In most cases, the minimum deposit amount is around 1 euro to top up your gaming balance.

What payment method is recommended for low deposits?

There are no restrictions on payment methods when making low deposits as there are no commission fees involved. However, it's important to be cautious when using credit cards as some banks may charge interest on the payment. Using bank deposits is another option, but make sure to check for any potential interest fees.

Can all online casinos accommodate small deposits?

Some online casinos do not offer low minimum deposits and instead have a minimum deposit requirement of €10-20 or even more. These casinos are typically aimed at high rollers who are willing to take greater risks and play more strategically.